When dealing with luxury real estate, the most important part of the sell is always marketing. Without marketing there is no selling. Even though many relators use specific techniques to market high end real estate, there are some simple tips for novices who are going into the business for the first time, or who do not have the vast experience that their peers have.

The most important thing in marketing is to cultivate a personal image. More and more people are being attracted to the “exclusivity” of a personal image. For a real estate agent who is accepting clients for Denver apartments for rent, the best way forward will be to show his clients that he is an exclusive brand. He must portray that he is not some corporation run by minions rather he will give his personal, exclusive attention to his clients. This is done by being with the clients when they go through the apartment, meeting them in the office personally and then being personally present when the deal goes through. This cultivates an image of exclusivity.

The second most important aspect of marketing is to target the right clients. For an estate agent looking for clients who will buy or rent luxury apartments in Denver, the clientele should be one that can afford the apartment. Therefore, the realtor should target only the specific demographic that satisfies this criterion.

Another important part of marketing is imagery. Without imagery the sale pitch is bland and unexciting; but with photographs of the apartment with all the luxurious items in full display the presentation becomes colorful, lifelike and exciting. Any realtor who is going to market Denver luxury real estate should know that one of the most important things is photographs of the apartments and houses along with details of the items shown in the photographs. A simple mistake is not to study the photographs before presenting them to the client; this should be avoided as this can lead to a client walking away immediately. For example, if a photograph shows a painting, the realtor must know if it is a reproduction or an original one, is it insured or not, and will it stay in the apartment during the renting period or not. All this can be discussed with the owner beforehand, but the realtor must have all the information when he is meeting the clients.

Another important aspect of marketing is the ability of the realtor to make the client feel special. For example, a realtor selling luxury Denver apartments can make his clients offers that make them feel special. For example, he can throw in certain benefits to “sweeten the deal”. These can include certain opulent items that come with the house during the rental period, such as original paintings, silverware from the revolutionary period, medieval decorations, etc. This has the added benefit of increasing the reputation of the realtor from a simple realtor to a person who can get things done.